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 Malaysia: PAS Youth Defends Guan Eng Over NEP

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Malaysia: PAS Youth Defends Guan Eng Over NEP Empty
PostSubject: Malaysia: PAS Youth Defends Guan Eng Over NEP   Malaysia: PAS Youth Defends Guan Eng Over NEP EmptyFri Mar 14, 2008 7:28 pm


KUALA LUMPUR, MALAYSIA: PAS Youth said Thursday (13 Mar) that they treat seriously the warning the Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi gave on the New Economic Policy (NEP) statement by the Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng.

However, PAS Youth thinks that Penang state government has the power to decide its own policies and do not think that Lim's speech would stoke any racial tensions.

The PAS Youth chief Salehuddin Ayub pointed out in a statement that the NEP was to reduce the racial divide between the rich and the poor, however it is disappointing that the policy has also become a political tool for BN to oppress and exploit the people.

He said that the purpose DAP refused to comply with the NEP is to suit the party's ideology. However, it can't be linked with racial sentiments, because the party has no intention to marginalise Malays. They want to allow all races to have equal opportunities.

The country leaders should not transfer this issue to PAS, PKR or the people who voted for DAP.
He added that the NEP do not benefit the Malays in Penang because UMNO, who share power with MCA and Gerakan, could not defend their fate. He said the people saw the failure of the NEP, because this policy has led to corruption, cronyism and nepotism. There is no way for the Malays to compete in the market with their own performance.

He said that not only the NEP affects other races, but the Malays have also been affected. The UMNO leaders do not need to feel injured if the NEP were to be abolished.
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Malaysia: PAS Youth Defends Guan Eng Over NEP
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